RN-Bitum presented the map of zoning in Russia with the selection of brands of bituminous binders

October 2017

RN-Bitum LLC, specialized subsidiary of Rosneft, presented the map of territory zoning in the Russian Federation for PG brands of bituminous binders in the framework of participation in the 8thInternational specialized exhibition-forum "Road Expo 2017".

The map was developed taking into account the basic provisions of new national standards PNST 85-2016, PNST 86-2016 and PNST 114-2016. Zoning process is a complex system that takes into account the main operating conditions of the road surface - climatic conditions, traffic load, intensity and nature of traffic. High level of confidence (at least 98%) in the selection of the correct brand is statistically provided by an analysis of extreme temperatures of the road surface based on data for the last 20 years.

Selection of correct PG grade will significantly improve the performance characteristics of asphalt-concrete coatings, solve the problems of residual deformations, fatigue and low-temperature cracking.


RN-Bitum LLC is a specialized subsidiary of the largest Russian oil company Rosneft for business management of bituminous materials.

RN-Bitum LLC sells bituminous materials from ten oil refineries of Rosneft as well as polymer-bitumen binder (PBB) under the brand Alfabit. RN-Bitum is one of the leading suppliers of bitumen to the Russian market.