RN- Bitum LLC, in association with Syzran Refinery, has recently held a workshop on bitumen materials

March 2017

A technical workshop has recently been held, devoted to bitumen materials, at the premises of Syzran Refinery, an affiliate of Rosneft. It was organized by RN-Bitum LLC, in association with the oil refinery. Among the participants of the event were the official distributors, such as RN-Bitum LLC, as well as representatives of the specialized research and development institutes and RN-Trans company.

At the event, the participants discussed topical issues in production, quality control, logistics and processing of bitumen materials. There were also considered the # 33133-2014GOST (All Union State Standard) specifications, in particular – those related to bitumen petroleum viscous for road building, recent results and practices. Special attention was paid to age rate and bitum viscosity rating readings that may be used for evaluating bitum performance as a component of bituminous surfacing, influencing its performance specifications Besides, among issues considered at the event there were raised demands to the mod-bit within the STO (Organization standard) #2.30-2016 new standard for polymer modified asphalt, set by Avtodor Company in terms of evaluating the ageing resistance and segregation resistance when stored at high temperatures.

The brand-new approach to the evaluation of the performance of bituminous binders for highway engineering was considered separately. The following features were discussed: shear instability, low temperature rigidity, ageing by the RTFOT and PAV methodology, instead of the previously used methods of needle penetration depth, softening and friability temperatures.

According to the expert opinion, this system will provide for the evaluation of not only essential rheological specifications for binding materials but will also provide for performance data relation for bituminous binders with asphalt concrete in their surfacing. As a result, it will be possible to anticipate the behaviour of the asphalt concrete even when choosing the binder.

Besides, among other issues discussed at the workshop, there were the following: demands on convergence and repeatability of the testing methods used, issues of quality claim validity.

Within the context of the workshop, the company’s plans were announced, namely those concerning production of Alphabit single purpose polymer-bitumen binders, to be produced under the brand of Alphabit Bridge and Alphabit Aero, under the 48355631-002-2016 # STO. These are designed for application in the bitumen concrete mixtures used during the construction, reconstruction and reconditioning of the most critical sections within the traffic area in bridges, elevated roads and airfields that are under continuous heavy workloads, both static and dynamic.




As the companies distributing the bitumen materials by Rosneft get more informed in the technical issues, the technical support for end customers will be also be encouraged. In this way, one of the key goals for the distributional network will be achieved.

It is small wonder for Syzran Refinery to become a ground for considering the topical issues in bitum production, since the company produces all essential bitum materials. In 2016, the customers obtained over 400.000 tons of bitum. The sales geography includes about 40 regions in Russia and neighbouring countries.

The quality control in producing viscous construction bitumen is performed by the central plant laboratory and all the production chains are included.

Another proof to the high application performance of Syzrany bitum is the fact that it was used as the basis for the speed track for Formula 1 races in the speedway of Sochy. The bitumen by Syzran Refinery was also used as the raw materials for the Alphabit bitumen materials.

At present, Rosneft is carrying out an upgrade in bitumen production, to launch the production of improved bitumen brands, to be compliant with the latest recent quality standards.