Bitumen production facilities of Rosneft adopts manufacturing of products under new standard

May 2017

Industrial large-tonnage production of oil road bitumen was started at Angarsk Petrochemical Company according to new interstate standard GOST 33133-2014 which determines increased requirements to temperature of brittleness and extensibility at 0 ° C as well as indicators of the resistance of the bituminous binder to aging.

Currently, building of four stationary posts of bitumen filling in tank trucks is performed at Angarsk petrochemical company. New objects will fully automate the filling process. Commissioning is scheduled for this year.

Ryazan Refinery completed reconstruction of bitumen production unit during which the raw material mixing unit was upgraded and high-tech automated control system was implemented. These technical measures will ensure manufacturing of products in accordance with the requirements of the interstate standard.

Rosneft Oil & Gas Company has changed the brand range as well as developed and implemented bitumen production technologies in accordance with new GOST standard applicable to all of the Company's plants, which will allow to provide improved qualities of bitumen products as well as to improve technical performance and durability of the road surface.


In 2013, Rosneft established specialized subsidiary company RN-Bitum LLC to consolidate business management of bitumen materials. The enterprise sells bitumen materials from the refineries of Rosneft as well as polymer-bitumen binder (PBB) under the brand Alfabit. The share of bitumen products supplied by RN-Bitum to the Russian market is more than 30%.

Angarsk petrochemical company is one of the largest enterprises in Russia and plays an important role in oil products supply to Siberia and the Far East. The total range of products includes about 200 items, including varieties of grades and brands.


Capacity of Ryazan Refinery is 17.5 million tons of oil per year. The plant produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum products. Bitumen production is one of key technological objects. The plat makes it possible to obtain bitumen by tar oxidation with air oxygen in column-type apparatus by purging raw materials at high temperatures.